Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shopping in Incredible India

I went out shopping the other day with my friend Karen, who also writes a wonderful blog, see here was asking me if I would like to buy some Indian outfits for the girls and me?

She mentioned that it might been a good idea for my next Xmas card... and so the idea is born!! I am going on a quest to look for outfits. So I started doing some research and I must admit... a bit confusing. I mean I have heard of Saris, but then I learned that there are:

Salwars - outfits with loose trousers and tight fitting around the ankles
Saris - we know them all, the ones with the draped fabric
Legenga Cholis - seems to me a bit more formal and for weddings
Churidars - informal outfit with pants, either loose or tight

I am not sure if I wrote it down all correctly.... but I am sure my friend Sucharu can help me out to find the perfect outfit for my girls, so we can take some beautiful pictures for our next Xmas card!! But then I also want the matching jewelry, I love the ones they wear in their hair and the bangles of course... oh and the shoes.... so we need to do some shopping Charu!! And for me I like to shop for some cooking/spices/table decoration... in this area... FUN FUN FUN!
Prepare yourself!! LOL

Which ones you like best??
And do you have an Indian outfit??

Have a lovely day,


blablablavanannet said...

OOOOOO vrouw ik ben zo jaloers .... hi hi hi ..... wat gaaf...... enjoy xx

Mireille said...

Ben jij ook weer online??

blablablavanannet said...

Je bedoeld met een blog .... bla bla bla .... ik krijg dat ding toch niet meer open ...... hier alles goed,zoveel gebeurd in korte tijd .... allemaal positief .Ons hele gezin is van processed food af en van zuivel,meel and suiker.Het kan Jing enorm helpen en we voelen ons er allemaal beter bij xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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