Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~ Jamie vs Ginster ~

Last night I made 2 different potato salads; Jamie Oliver's Potato salad that he serves with smoked salmon on one of his shows. It looked really good and the whole concept with the salmon and potato salad I wanted to try.

But I used to live next door to my friend Ginster in Thailand and she used to make this Bavarian potato salad and I remembered that it was always SO good.

So I divided my kilo of boiled young potatoes in 2 batches and tried the dressing from Jamie on one batch and the dressing from Ginster on the other batch. Let it marinate for 2 hours each and served it Jamie's way with the smoked salmon, a creme fraiche and horseradish dip, some rustic bread and a green salad. A wonderful weeknight dinner!

But which potato salad did we like best. Who is the winner??.... drumroll please..... all four of us voted in unison for....

THE BAVARIAN POTATO SALAD FROM MY FRIEND GINSTER!!!! (I know she will be so proud of this, and so happy that I am writing about it, since she reads my blog everyday... Hi Ginster!!)

Shall I share the recipes with you guys and you can try it?? I am sure Ginster will not mind that her recipe is going all over the world now :-)

OK, here they come, the winner first. I think why this is for us a better recipe is that instead of using oil what Jamie does, Ginster's recipe uses chicken or veggie broth, so lighter!

Ginster’s Bavarian Potato Salad
1 kg Potatoes (preferably young ones, then you don’t need to peel)
100 g Bacon
1 large Orion (I used shallots)
25 cl vegetable or chicken broth
salt + pepper
capers + gherkins
fresh dill

Bring potatoes with peel to boil until done. Peel as long as they are hot. Skip this if you have young ones, leave the skin on. Let cool before cutting into slices or just half if they are small. Chop bacon and onion. Sauté separately. Start with bacon until done, without oil. Put bacon into salad bowl. Sauté onion in same pan like bacon add some vegetable or olive oil until starts getting brown tips. Add to salad bowl. Then slice potatoes on top.

Salad dressing:
3 Tbsp vegetable oil or extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
salt & black pepper to taste
pinch of maple syrup
1 cup hot vegetable or chicken broth

Pour salad dressing over the potatoes at least 2 hours before serving.
Add capers and/or gherkins (preferably dill gherkins) and the chopped dill to taste.
Shortly before serving taste if any salt or pepper should be added.

By Ginster Votteler

For JAMIE's wonderful recipe just go to this link HERE.

So in the end, both are winners. Since I used Jamie's concept with the salmon and horseradish cream, but we ate Ginster's potato salad with it and then I added my own touch with the green salad and the rustic bread. I guess our domestic helper Khetho will get Jamie's salad today :-) ... not bad either!! LOL

But then I am busy again cooking a Moroccan Feast for my girl friends... They gave me a huge flame top pan from Emile Henry, a beautiful huge casserole pan or actually they call it braiser that I can use in the oven or on the stove and it has this beautiful fig color, a deep burgundy. So when I got the pan for my Bday, I promised to make a meal for all of them in it.

That is today! I am making a Moroccan feast, more about this later.... I have to cook for 10 hungry girls and one big boy, since my friend Candice will bring her son who studies in the USA but is here in SA at the moment for a short break!! I am sure he can eat a hole in that pan!! LOL

Ciao Bellas, have a good day! And today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!! So a perfect day to have the girls over. I wish you all a FANTASTIC DAY!! I am thinking of you my friends overseas!!

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plantagenet said...

wow, Mireille, hi!!! I am impressed. BTW lately I put a tea spoon full of mustard to the vinaigrette and then a drop of maple syrup. makes the vinaigrette a bit shinyer....


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