Friday, March 18, 2011

Please Pray for Kate Mcrae

I don't know this little precious girl personally, but almost every day since about a year when I get an update of her life via her moms blog she brings me to tears!

Even know when I am writing this, because I just read her latest update it is hard to write this post... she is SO precious, so brave, so courageous... I have never met a girl this age so extraordinary!!

When you look at this cute face you wouldn't think that she has cancer!
Life threatening cancer!

Her mom Holly writes a blog about her daughter, the good moments but also the bad moments!
And that is HARD to read....

Especially when you know that this precious little girl is only 7 years old.... just a year younger than our girls!

Please go to her page, support her, pray for her, leave a comment at her blog so she knows you are praying for her and are keeping her in your mind!
She needs all the prayers she can get, she breaks my heart, Kate is the most wonderful little girl I have met in cyberspace, look her up and help the family by donations or prayers!!

You will not be sorry that I have introduced you to her!
For sure!

She will bring tears to your eyes, will steal your heart, just like she did mine...

Most days are good days for me! Until I get an update via email from Holly ~ Kate's mom and I am scared to open the email... but I also have HOPE and FAITH, so I go and open the email and read what Holly wrote that day...

I can't just imagine how this mother with a husband and 2 other young children can keep up to have hope and faith for her precious little daughter Kate who is battling a brain tumor, I can't even fathom her life... I have a DEEP respect for this mother the way she so eloquent writes about her feelings, her pain, her sorrow about her young daughter, but she believes strongly in God and his guidance.... it is just amazing to me!!

And I wanted to share....
Hope you don't mind and click, support, pray for Kate!

(Click on all the links to get more info on Kate)
God bless Kate!

Mireille xx


emilene said...

Thanks for posting this - I will be following her story and praying for her as well. Just makes you feel so aware of how silly we are when we moan and groan about silly things in our own lives...

Mireille said...

I agree with you Emilene!

Sharon said...

My heart breaks a little more every time I read her Mom's updates. Thank you for posting this Mireille. You did a beautiful job and I know any Mom would be thanking you for this, especially Kate's Mom.
No matter how big our troubles get, they are not real troubles when you can say that your children are healthy.
Best to you,
Love, Sharon
Ex and Wee's Mama!


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