Friday, March 11, 2011

Play dates

On Wednesdays the girls have a short day at school, and this is an ideal day for play dates. This week they had Cathlynn over for a play date. She is Dutch as well, so the girls speak Dutch with a mix of English to each other... so funny to hear!

All 3 of them are really into art, so they enjoyed this for a while, but this time they spend so much time going outside and playing in the park... I was so surprised! Because my girls normally are not the outdoorsy types... unfortunately. They are more the kind of reading books and staying inside, but here in SA we have almost always nice weather, so I was hoping that they would enjoy more of the outdoors... but reading is not bad either!!

Cathlynn also stayed over for dinner, but after school I first made a real Dutch treat: poffertjes. Since all 3 girls are Dutch I knew they would appreciate this treat, another kid from another country will maybe not have the taste for it, although it is sweet and like a small pancake.. who doesn't like pancakes?? You need a special pan for it, with small holes where the filling fits right in. And then you sprinkle it with powdered sugar... lots of it!

For dinner I made home made fries, and home made apple sauce because in Holland that goes together! And chicken wings marinated in yogurt overnight... yum yum. I am thinking when I was a child I would get home made fries all the time when I would go to my aunties house...

Maybe I should make Wednesdays the home made fries day. Start a new tradition, what do you think? Do you have certain foods on certain days?? So far I cook almost every week something different but from a kids point of view it is maybe nice to have some traditions?... I am not such a traditional person, but I might change my mind on this one....

Have a good day y'all!


Anonymous said...

I often think it would be nice to have certain foods on certain days, if only to give my brain a break :) We always have pancakes on Saturdays, but that is our only food tradition. Hmmm, I'm glad you posted about this... I'm thinking I need a lunch tradition as I can never think of good things for lunch. Hooray! I'm putting this into action tomorrow!!

Maci Miller said...

I think your kids are luck to have such a good cook for a momma! :-)

It all sounds yummy! I'm afraid I am the opposite. Make the same stuff often, with just once in awhile something new. Want to branch out and try new things lately. But much more into baking and treats than meals. Maybe it's just more daunting.

Keep inspiring me! How about listing some of your favorite, on the easier side meals?

Maci Miller said...

Oh, and I like a big, traditional, family breakfast on a Sat or Sun morning. We usually do Sats. Eggs, toast, fruit, granola, greek yogurt, juice, coffee. Sometimes pancakes.

Mireille said...

We do that too Jen, big breakfast at weekends... the girls love eggs, bacon, beans... all the things that I can live without! So I like to add fruit, yogurt, fresh juice, so we have it all. Eggs in all styles, poached, scrambled, boiled... But Dirk loves to make breakfast for the girls and himself and then I just have the easier stuff... so it works out for me... not too much work.


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