Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Night market in Nathon

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Fisherman's village in Bophut, well Nathon another village here on Samui has the same night market but instead of Friday evening, in Nathon it is on Saturday evening. Nathon is known for its charming old wooden Chinese shophouses and I just love to roam around there.

Closing the streets down, so traffic can't go here an all the shops put their ware out in the middle of the streets. So much fun to spend an evening here!!

Lots of people and stuff for sale!

One of my favorite shops in Nathon.

Girls selling dried squid.

Nathon is more Thai, we didn't see much tourists here at all and the prices are a bit better than in Bophut. The food and the other stuff they sell is really local and I enjoyed this night market tremendously!! One side of the street were all kind of food stalls and the other side was more for non-food related articles like clothing and jewelry. There was even a little activity centre for smaller children where they could paint their own clay mold. And in the middle was a Thai talent show, so much fun to listen to the singing and karaoke!

The people who settled here hundreds of years ago are mostly Chinese and really good business people. I found a great shop here for the Indoneisian Batik I was looking for and the prices I got here are the best on the island!! So I went already back twice to get more! Me and my fabrics... I have to have some from each country I go to, that is my latest addiction :-) It used to be cookbooks from all the regions I would go to, but since I mostly research new recipes online... I don't have that hobby anymore, now it is fabrics!

The non-food section with clothing, jewelry.

Dried squid.

All the veggies you need to make yummy Thai food.

Some yummy food parcels in banana leaf.

JJ just lost another tooth!

Scrumptious and colorful desserts.

All their goodies spread out on the streets.

A very lively market, with yummy foods to try, lots of people to watch, although we got watched more, since my dad was still here and then they see him, me and the girls and you can see them thinking? Oh well, how many times I already had to explain how the situation is! Thai people are very curious and will ask you up front... Are you the mother? But they look Thai? They don't hear much about adoption. And they keep talking Thai to the girls, even after I told them: Put Thai Mai Dai! They don't speak Thai... And then they are even more surprised that I the Farang (foreigner) speaks Thai, but the Thai children don't! Although I don't speak much I can get by in shops/restaurants and on the street.

Thailand; definitely the land of yummy FOOD and good shopping!

Sawasdee Kha!


Wendy said...

Thanks for these super photos. As I've told you before, Lily gets such a kick out of seeing photos of her homeland. Our new tradition every morning is to look at your blog together to see what's going on in Thailand.

Leah and Maya said...

I bet that does throw them off, what the children who look it don't speak it? awesome shots, love to see those new teeth coming in.

Maci Miller said...

OH, I loved the night markets! I can remember getting done singing one night at 1 am and my friend Muk (who worked as the bar mgr) informed me we were going shopping! Imagine my delight! Such unique finds there, too. I bet the fabrics you got are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


Mireille said...

I love these night markets too, maybe the best part is that it is NOT that hot!! Still the great buys but not the heat!

Annie said...

Fascinating market, Mireille! That food in the banana leaves looked so colorful and delicious!


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