Monday, July 5, 2010

Temples & beaches...

That is what our vacation is about, spending some time on all these holy temple grounds with the most exquisite temples, Buddhas, fortune & incense sticks, good luck charms and lucky bracelets. And then the other day we are spending a day on the beach or by the pool. Honestly there is not that much more you can do here on Samui... well, a bit of shopping and of course the FAB FOOD!! But I will do a post about that too pretty soon!

I mean shopping is part of me, so I don't mention that too much, because it is so ingrained in me I just forget to mention it, but since I am writing about it I found a woman who makes cute clothing and I gave her some dresses from the girls I like her to copy with some fab Thai fabric... now she is totally excited and wants my other dresses too to copy! At first she found the patterns a bit too difficult but I told her... If I can make it (which I did) then she can do it as well.. she is going to try now! ...I am good in finding the right connections.. wherever I am ;-)

These are the apron dresses that are being copied now in Batik fabric, I can't wait for the results :-)

Oh and another thing; Jasmine and Juliet are really ready now to have their ears pierced, but they were always too scared if the moment of truth came... so I let it be. The other day we were shopping in Nathon and there was a silver store, it caught the girls' eye and we went inside. I asked the lady of the shop if she also makes holes in little ears... not me she said, but shop next door will do it! It was the local TATTOO shop, with a guy inside his whole body covered in tattoos! Yeah, of course he can do it.. he told us!
You should have seen the faces of JJ and Jezz :-) HORROR!

Hmmm... maybe not TODAY Mommy! They kind of whispered to me... so the guy wouldn't hear what they were saying, with their newly purchased earrings in their hands. OK baby if you want to wait we will wait! I responded... this wasn't exactly what I had in mind either, but I didn't want to show that to them. So relieved, the 3 of us walked away and promised the guy we would be back tomorrow!..... NOT!

That evening the girls pondered a bit more about it and told me, YES Mommy we are ready to do it tomorrow. Well, lets ask a bit around and see if there are other options than the local TATTOO shop I told them. But there isn't! They just had gathered all their courage together to go back to Nathon, when I told them to wait for a more updated version of putting holes in your earlobes... maybe in Bangkok we can find a shop who does it with a gun and shoot the earring into your ears simultaneous.

After talking about it for a while they decided maybe that is the best thing to do.... because a huge needle one by one in an earlobe is maybe a bit more painful than they like to endure?? Pfeww... at least it is their decision to wait and not ME!

Here JJ and Jezz with my dad on his last day here on Samui, although I have one more post with him in it that is coming soon.

Thailand; the land of funky tattoo shops & fabrics that makes me giggle & wiggle :)

PS: I was planning a whole different post, one about temples & beaches and I end up talking about tattoos and fabric... oh well, those temples can wait.. another day another post! I hope you enjoyed this little impromptu story about my sweet angels with the virgin earlobes... oh if I could hang on to those just a little longer ;-)

Sawasdee Kha!


Wyndee said...

I think waiting for the piercing guns is the way to go!!!! :-) I had Gracie's ears pierced when she was 2 weeks old, and Sophie had hers done when she was about 1.5 years old--- quite soon after coming home from Thailand.

Wendy said...

My mother absolutely positively would not let me get my ears pierced until I was 12. She told me, "If you get everything you want now, you'll have nothing to look forward to when you grow up." By the time I was 12, I was so sick of waiting I didn't even care anymore! I didn't end up getting mine pierced until I was 18...and now they're closed up! I would let Lily get hers done now if she wanted. But I would go with the gun. Quick, painless--relatively--and little risk of infection.

As for those apron dresses: I WANT ONE or two or three for Lily. Do you have the pattern? I don't sew, but my mother is a world-class seamstress. She can make anything. If you can remember the pattern number, I'd love to have it.

Maci Miller said...

How sweet are your girls and how sweet are you to let them make their own decision with the earring thing. The needle in the lobe way sounds mighty painful! I don't remember how the guy did my belly button in Bkk. I couldn't watch! But I bet someone in Bkk could do it with the gun thing.

How nice to find a seamstress to make those dresses. They are so darling!

Mireille said...

I hope I can find the piercing guns in BKK?! We will definitely wait. I made these dresses myself, after my friend bought one, we just copied the pattern. But my friend in SA found later a patter... I will ask her the number Wendy and let you know!

Leah and Maya said...

I love those apron dresses, i cannot sew but they are so cute! and unique!
yeah wait for the piercing gun evenI would pass on doign it the other way.

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

Hi Mireille! I just finally found your blog after all this time. I am friends with Sharon and Gem in case you are wondering. I can't help but comment because Samui is our fave place as well, although we tend to always stay in Lamai since we train muay thai at the WMC Gym there. Your lovely photo's are making me really want to visit again!!

Mireille said...

Hi Kerrie & Jason!
I don't only love Koh Samui, I love ALL of Thailand!! We used to live here for 5 years and are planning to retire here when the girls are 18 and go to college... so in 10 years this paradise will be our home!!


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