Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monkey business..

On Samui, the monkey undoubtedly qualifies as man's best friend. This isn't surprising, since for centuries the people here have used monkeys to do the hardest part of the work climbing to the trees to "pick ripe nuts" on their coconut plantations. Until the advent of tourism, coconuts represented the main industry here, so these industrious little animals were greatly prized. And you maybe think, but that is animal cruelty, but if you ask me to rear chickens in battery farms, or to heard massive numbers of dairy cows, both of which have happened in the west for decades is more cruel!

So one day when we were driving around the island to go to the fishing village Baan Taling Ngam home to one of Samui's most remarkable temples, Wat Kiri Wongkaram renowned for its mummified monk, which I wrote about here we saw this truck with a lot of coconuts on it, but also 2 monkeys hanging on the side. So the girls, me and my dad decided to follow this truck in the hope that we could see the monkeys is action!

Unfortunately they drove so fast and far away, that after a while following we decided to turn back and go for lunch at the Five Islands restaurant, which was so pitoresk and yummy, that we soon forgot about the monkeys.

The Five Islands restaurant, spa & gallery is direct on the Virgin Coast of South-West Samui, and it has these long tail boats floating in front of it, where you can make a trip to the 5 islands that are laying in front of the restaurant.

There also was a quite a big fisherman's shack with nets and guys hanging around, drinking probably cheap Thai whiskey or beer waiting for the sunset to come in and go out to fish and wondering what that Farang (foreign) lady was looking at.. while I was taking their picture :-)

It is so easy for Thai to just relax and do nothing! And now after being 6 weeks on Samui, I kind of understand... it is easy to fall into that relaxing mode and not worry about anything, just Sabai Sabai!

Thailand; the land of great smiles, relaxing days and fishing boats floating in the waves of the sea.

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Leah and Maya said...

I wouldhave chased down the the truck to see the monkeys too, I mean thats not soemthign you see everday around here. yes still looks so relaxing and so nice, can't imagine ever having such a LONG and nice vacation.


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