Friday, July 2, 2010

the giant elephants...

Since there are so many temples on the island and we discovered that each has their unique feel and vibe we had to go to the two giant elephant statues indicating the entrance of a Wat/Temple and the village of Taling Ngam, a small quaint fisherman's village. This area is called the 'real Samui' and indeed it was a very special village, which a lot of old wooden houses, almost no tourists and a great restaurant on the sea ~ The Five Islands Restaurant which is located on the idyllic unspoiled Virgin Coast of Samui.

We read that there was another mummified monk at Wat Khunaram in Ko Samui. Sitting upright in a glass casket is a fascinating sight to watch. Outside the room containing the mummified monk you can pick up flowers and joysticks that you can bring in and offer to the Buddha.

Historically, this mummy is the undecomposed remains of the Buddhist monk named Phra Khru Sammathakittikhun (Dang Piyasilo), the revered ex-abbot of Wat Khunaram in Ko Samui. He became a monk at the age of 50 years, after which he became famous for his meditation practice. For about 20 years he had many disciples among Buddhist monks and laymen. He was also renowned for his ability to predict his own death, which happened in the year 1973.

After death his body remained undecomposed, so his relatives and disciples decided to place his body in an upright position within a glass casket as requested by the monk in his written instruction. This was done to preserve it as a symbol to aspire future generations to follow Buddhist teachings and be saved from suffering.

Outside the temple a beautiful Jack fruit tree, full of big jack fruits.

The temple grounds.

Jasmine gets a lucky bracelet by one of the monks. We all got 2, from each monk 1, so we must have good luck this vacation!

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The other monk was quite a character! He blessed us all, by touching my father's head, but NOT touching ours. Monks don't touch women! But he made sure that all the negative energy was gone from our body!

My dad had to shake his hands for the picture, and he was OK with it all! So funny!! I bet he rather had some donations, which of course we gave as well!

Outside another small temple, which was different because of the light blue color of the doors. So pretty!!

We really enjoyed this visit to Wat Khumaram! It was a very special visit, just because both of the monks were so involved in us! Really a special treatment we got here!

When we left the temple grounds, we heard our monk 'friend' chanting his verses again, such a peaceful way of leaving!

Thailand, the land of peace, zen and great fruit shakes!

Sawasdee Kha!


plantagenet said...

nice, the beach, the peace, the temples, the colors, the fruit, the bodi tree...... glad for you to enjoy that with the girls...

Wendy said...

Oh, I love these photos, especially those of the monk and temple. What an amazing face he has.

Annie said...

Wow this is really amazing for you to have seen all of these cool moments! It looks as if it is scenes from a movie!

Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................


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