Tuesday, July 13, 2010

spending a day at the neighbors...

Lucky for us, the neighbors are the Four Seasons!

And of course we couldn't just go because they are our neighbors, but Annette and her husband are friends with the manager, so that is how we were there.... by invitation. How nice!!

Spending a day on the beach and in that pool was bliss!

The kids enjoyed themselves...

But we HAVE to have at least 1 posing picture :-)

This time it was only Annette and Chang, his sister was with her daddy in BKK. He is a fun little guy with no fear for water! or anything for that matter :-)

Later we had s'mores and lunch by the beach, but then my battery died of my camera... and we got pampered all day by the staff.

Like being served small glasses of fresh fruit juices, slices of watermelons while relaxing, sunbathing or jumping the pool.

Life is good in Thailand!

Sawasdee Kha!


Anonymous said...

absolutely loving following your blog at the moment, complete daydreaming escapism for me, work is sucking at the minute so lovely to read about your beautiful holiday

Mireille said...

Thanks Gem! I know Thailand is quite addictive!

Maci Miller said...

Paradise! Boy that resort looks beautiful! What a fun day for you all!


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