Friday, July 23, 2010

Meeting friends in Pattaya

Since we used to live near Pattaya, a beach resort in the Gulf of Thailand, we wanted to meet our friends who where still there. Since most of our friends are expats and like us moving every 4-5 years, most where gone, but a few we still met and that was so much fun!

Here in the lobby of our hotel, the Marriott we met Bruce & Judy, we had some drinks in the lobby, while we were hanging out at the pool before and still in our swimming clothes, Bruce & Judy were all dolled up to go after our meeting to a fancy dinner. It was great to see them!

We had a lovely dinner with our friends Lek, Min, and Kim and her lovely daughter Jana. Of course their husbands and children as well at this super duper restaurant close to my old house near big Buddha Mountain. We had a grand time!

Scott, Van, Dirk, Me, Lek, Kim and her twins Nathan & Jana.

And all the kids; Nathan, Patrick, Jana, JJ, Nathalie, Melanie and Jezz. Martin is missing ;-(

We met Namphet and her family most of the days we were in Pattaya, she is my lovely friend!! Here with her husband Anders and her cute daughter Andrea.

And all of us girls together.

And one more shot before we leave....

Me and Namphet at a seafood dinner in Ban Amphur.

And JJ and Jezz made some new 'friends' :-) lovely girls doing some promotion work in Royal Garden Plaza.

It is so great to see all our 'old' friends! The only one we missed was Avninder! I wanted to go to her new restaurant but we just had no time left. So next time we are in Pattaya we will come and visit you Av!

So many good memories came floating back by just seeing all these friends!

Thailand; land of great memories!


sucharu said...

How lovely .... Is the seafood place still great ... what other old haunts are still good!

plantagenet said...

so nice to see you happy with your friends. I think Namphet is really matured now and she looks sooooo goood.

Megan said...

Looks like a fun time seeing friends and eating yummy food!


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