Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pattaya Floating Market

There is a new attraction in town, and we were actually surprised by how nice they had set it up... a floating market with cute little shops, open air restaurants, massage places, snacks you can buy off little boats... just very cute the way they had set it up!

Definitely a winning concept created in an area that had not much to offer anyway, just outside town in the Banglamung area. It opened to the public in November 2008 claimed to be to be the biggest floating market in the eastern region featuring 111 boutique-shops selling native food and specialties from all over Thailand.

The market is divided into 4 separate parts, each represents each part of Thailand (North, Central, North-Eastern, and South) offering a special blend of differing traditions. The market covering an area of 100,000 square meters (67 rai) was built at a cost of 350 million baht by local young tycoon Warida Sae-eung.

There are about 80 boats on standby to ferry tourists around the compound , linked by a network of canals and wooden bridges. The boat trip is designed to expose tourists to the richness of the surrounding Thai architectural and cultural river side living. One can sample freshly cooked authentic Thai delicious dishes from the water vendors.

The compound also features rice farming, sunflower fields and a wood carving museum, and daily outdoor cultural performance unique to the four regions of the country, like Thai classical dance, martial art demonstrations,as well as water boxing, where the fighters perform on a horizontal pole above the canal. The Nueng Siam Woodcarving Museum has on display rare pieces of crafted 200 years old teak and is home for the impressive and beautiful carved image of the elephant god Ganesha. No photography is allowed in the museum.

Massage in the open air, coffee shops to have a Thai Chai or Organic coffee... just a fun way of exploring the life style of Thai people!

Go there next time you'll end up in Pattaya! You will love it!

Sawasdee Kha!


Megan said...

Looks amazing!! I hope we make it there some day!!

Leah and Maya said...

wow that looks really awesome! love your pictures so we can all enjoy it.

Wendy said...

Love it! Boy do I miss REAL Thai food. We cannot wait to go back.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Beautiful photos! The food boats look like such a fun way to eat!

Wyndee said...

How beautiful!!!!! The next time we're in Thailand I vow to see much more than the inside of Bumrungrad Hospital!!!

ay said...

What an amazing life you lead. Your girls will be so worldly and compasionate when the grow up. Thanks for sharing!


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