Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next destination: Hilton Hua Hin

4 days we were in Hua Hin. We stayed at the Hilton... all these hotels, Marriott, Hilton and the next one in Bangkok the Conrad were all done on points! Great locations, no extra cost, isn't that the way of traveling!!

We got even upgraded and had a whole suite with a huge deck, and this was the view. The only thing that wasn't that good was the weather. We wanted to sunbath for a few days, relax and enjoy pool time before heading to the Big City, but we didn't get that much sun. Only the last day was OK to hang out at the pool, so we enjoyed that for sure!

What I don't like is to see elephants in the middle of the City. We were in the centre of Hua Hin and this poor elephant had to beg for food walking in between cars and motorbikes... poor thing, I felt so sorry for this little cute animal!

Another 'cute' animal but now on our plates, JJ really loved the grilled calamari....

and especially those legs :-)

After our delicious lunch on the beach, the girls wanted to do some horseback riding, this time on the beach... they hadn't done that yet!

Some huge clouds were coming up, so we had to rush if we didn't want to end up wet!

And at night we got entertained by the girls, Jasmine gave me a facial and a foot massage, while JJ was doing some 'pole' dancing! These kids; better than color TV would Jaap our friend say when they were little... but really nothing has changed since then!

And here we say goodbye to our dear friend 'ome' Jaap, we spend some fun time with him during our visit in Hua Hin! We will miss you Jaap!! Till next time!

So 4 days in Hua Hin went fast, we mostly relaxed, had some great dinners and lunches and just enjoyed the last few days of doing nothing. Because when you go to Bangkok you can't afford to do nothing!!

That will be our next destination; the City of Angels!!

Sawasdee Kha,


Megan said...

Looks like you had fun even without the bright sunshine!! Love the view from your hotel! WOW

plantagenet said...

wonderful looks and I can imagine the atmosfere!!! the poor little baby elephant. I am so sorry it is still possible to show them in the cities....the girls had a blast on that horse, nice!!!

Boonie S said...

Looks like you had a great time. I’m pleased for you all.
Great photos.
I agree with you about the elephants.

All the best, Boonie


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