Friday, February 1, 2008


It's my Bday today, and my girls surprised me this morning with gifts, song and drawings for me to look at and open. Of course I didn't get much chance to open anything myself. Since they are so excited and ripped the paper of the gifts they bought themselves with daddy. So real nice choices ;-)

They also decorated the house with garlands, and made the theme this year: spooky party. Self made drawings from ghosts, bats, skeletons were hanging all over the place. I told them I was too scared to stay in the living room at night, since they might come alive. And they agreed with me that that could be a major issue, so they decided to sleep with me, since daddy was out of town anyway. How convenient!!

My DH is out of town and he sent me roses, that is kinda his tradition when he is away. The girls always get very much excited since there is most of the time a small box with chocolates inside. And even before the flowers are in the vase, the chocolates are gone! Mommy has to share!! Yeah...right, as if I have a choice ;-(

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