Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bombaloo Diaper Cakes

Dear friends of mine Liz & Josh, who we met while living in Thailand and always stayed in touch with, just got a new baby boy JT at Xmas day. I was so excited for them, so I decided to make something special. I made and sold diaper cakes before, so this is what I was planning to do for them as well. This diaper cake is made completely out of disposable diapers with 3 tiers and adorned with cascading silk flowers. Each cake is assembled by hand and makes the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower. The inside of the cake is filled with custom gifts. And on top to finish it off I put a little whimsical stuffed animal for the baby to play with. Each cake is unique, no stuffed animal or gifts inside are the same. I had ordered a onesie from Holland, so I had to wait a while, but finally it came and I finished the project and now it is on its way to California. Their son is just precious and so handsome already, I am sure the little boy will have some trouble fighting off the girls in a few years! Congratulations Josh & Liz with JT, we wish the 3 of you all the best!
Love, M

PS: if you are interested in a Diaper Cake, drop me a line at and I custom make one for you in the colors you like!

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