Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year celebration in NYC

We went to NYC for the weekend, to celebrate Chinese New Year and to eat our favorite food: Thai. Saturday night we went to East Village Thai, it is the tiniest restaurant you can imagine, but the food is delicious! Only 10 people can sit and eat there, most of the customers take out, but we wanted to eat there. Jasmine and Juliet were having fun with a lime and making silly faces.
Sunday morning we first went for Dim Sum at Yeah Shanghai Deluxe at Bayard St. a can't miss destination for soup dumplings. After that we went to see the parade in Chinatown and we bought some crackers, some lions for the girls and watched the lions and dragons come by. Thousands of people were on the streets, it was crazy, but a beautiful day. And we had lot's of fun! We stayed the night over at a friends house; Espen and he of course joined us for the celebrations. NYC is fun during those festivals, and we are glad we went to see it! And of course before we headed home to the suburbs, we bought at a chinese supermarket some goodies to bring home, and have some chinese food later this week to remind us of our fun weekend!

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