Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cravings for spring!

I don't know about you guys, but I have cravings.....cravings for spring. I had enough of this cold grey weather. I crave....colors!
white; of the pristine beaches of Florida
yellow; of the sun shining through the new leaves
bright green; of the new grass (and I am craving that smell of fresh mowed grass)
orange; of tulips from Amsterdam and fresh oranges
red; fresh juicy strawberries
pink; of the cheeks of my children when they play outside
purple; the fragrant lavender that grows all over France
blue; of the bright blue skies & the deep water of the oceans where I can dip my toes in. And all the colors in between.
I crave hearing the birds tjirping, finding a mate and building a nest. The new buds on the trees, the new baby ducklings in the pond in front of my house, the smell of spring in the air. I crave all these new beginnings, fresh smells, sun shine, going for beach walks on bare feet, hearing the voices of the kids playing outside, hikes in the woods, having picknics in the park, going to outdoor games with the kids, being outside without a big coat or bundled up with layers of clothing. I am craving for beaches, palm trees, lazy evenings with a book on the porch, seeing the sunset and just dreaming away. I don't know about you guys...but winter is taking too long. I need some change!...maybe that is what Barack Obama want too...just the spring! ;-)

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