Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl

Yeah, I know, it is Super Bowl Sunday and not much interest to me. But my hubby likes it. So I made some chili and cornbread and we went to watch it with friends. Which is much nicer to do than stay at home.
My hubby is for the Patriots, so to make it a little bit more interesting I was for the Giants. Not that I know anything about the team, but hey you have to have some challenge in your marriage ;-)
And it turns out that the Giants win, so MY team won!!! What a bummer for my hubby...he is not a happy camper now, I can tell you that!! Too bad for Tom Brady, I kind of like that guy, but he has a nice girlfriend (Gisele Bundchen) who can comfort him.

Our girls played with the big football helmet we had laying around the house, being as well in the spirit of the game, who wasn't today in the USA??


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