Friday, February 29, 2008

Spotlight on Jojojanneke

I was browsing on Flickr and saw these cute pictures from Jojojanneke. I had seen her website before, but since I am doing spotlights on different sites I think are cute, unique or just plain beautiful hand-made crafts. I thought I put the spotlight on this website today.
I LOVE arts & crafts, and most people who know me, know I am trying out different crafts all the time. The only thing with me is, I don't stick long enough with it to make it really an art.
Behind Jojojanneke website stands a young modern woman from Holland with 2 young children. She wanted to spend more time with her children and started this website in 2006 when her children where 2 and 4 years old. She likes to design cards, bags, bibs and all kind of funky things with the image of a bird or girl with big innocent eyes that draws your attention.
Check out her website, although it is only in Dutch, the images say enough. Just click on it and enjoy! I did!!

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