Saturday, February 23, 2008

Craving for spring...and what do I get?!!...@#$

..Snow again!!
We had a snow storm today in the NE. And we were the lucky ones who got 5-8 inches of fresh snow, that had to be shoveled off the drive-way. The kids had no school, which they don't mind of course! And played in the yard, which was a lot of fun. They decided to slide of a big rock, made the beginning of a gigantic snowman, while me and my dear hubby were shoveling, and end came to it. But if we want to be able to leave the house I guess we have to put into the work. It is a nice excersice, so to make something positive out of a negative. So this is the view from our backyard, even Buddha in our house needed some ear mufs we thought ;-)
I guess my craving for spring has to wait a little longer before it becomes reality...I mean I can crave, but if it happens soon, I doubt it.
Enjoy your last bit of winter and sip on some nice hot chocolate, it taste much better now!

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