Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am newbie in this blogging world and my name is Mireille (say: Miiray). I have a cutie pie as a husband a 2 princesses as daughters. We live in Connecticut at the moment, but kinda travel all over the world. Move here and there every 4-5 years to keep it more alive, vibrant, interesting and challenging.
I try to find something each day that keeps me wondering, amazed, happy, interested, curious, content and looking for more funny, funky, bold, beautiful stuff that gives me the wiggles and giggles. So join me in my journey.

One thing that gives me all the feelings I descriped above are my girls. Jasmine & Juliet, they are 5 years old and show me to see the world with a different view. With a new & fresh approach that can be very hilarious, silly, sassy, dazzling or just different.
See ya tomorrow, if at all somebody found me in the crazy web of blogs.....


Shamoortee said...

I clicked on next blog and yours came up, Wow your girls are beautiful. And you seem a very happy person they are lucky to have you, and you to have them. Such cute little girls.. awww..
and your into photography! thats Neat!!! hope to pop by now and then and see some of your work!

do take care and till next time :)

Mireille & Suzy said...

Hi shamoortee,
I just saw your comment, and am so happy somebody discovered my blog! Hope you are popping in now and then. And I am going to check out your blog right now!


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