Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday ~ Ballet ~

Every Tuesday Jasmine & Juliet have ballet after school. They always get so excited, so by the time they are home they get dressed in their outfit and start practicing. The 'feet work' is very important, and before you know it they show me the basic ballet steps. Below are some of the basic ballet steps the girls are trying to show me:
Arabesque Stand on the right leg while the left leg is raised straight out behind
Chasse A galloping motion where one leg appears to chase the other.
Emboite Move forward while jumping on alternate toes.
Jete Leaping from one leg to another.
Piroutte To turn, or spin.
Passe To pass the leg into a new position.
Pas de chat A jump to the side.
Plie To bend down the knees.
Releve To rise upon the tiptoes.
Port de Bras Moving the arms through various positions.
Saute To jump.
Tendu To stretch the leg while maintaining a pointed toe.

In May we have their first performance on stage, and we all can't wait to see it!!

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