Friday, February 8, 2008

What is your favorite dog?

I was running this morning on my treadmill and had the Mike & Juliet show on. There was this subject; "If candidates where dogs which dog would each candidate resemble". Quite funny article, so I like to share that with you.

John McCain = Pug
"They will do whatever it takes to get what they want, often using playful or clever tactics."

Barack Obama = Great Dane
Has "an appearance of being very noble and dignified" and "can be trained for protection work"

Mike Huckabee = Beagle
"Its favorite habits—overeating and making a mess"

Hillary Clinton = Labradoodle
"A newer breed that combines the often ostentatious Labrador with the more reserved—at times even aloof—poodle."

John Edwards = Golden Retriever
Possesses "a lustrous coat" and "perfect symmetry"

Mitt Romney = Smooth Fox Terrier
Used originally for "vermin-killing," this dog has a "dense and abundant coat"
Alan Keyes = Poodle A "perennial show dog" with a "pridefully prancing gait"

Mike Gravel = Samoyed
A wedge-faced dog that is "likely to wander off in its own direction."
Ron Paul = Welsh Corgi"An intelligent, loyal and obedient dog that loves a challenge" and has a "tendency to nip heels."
Dennis Kucinich = Jack Russell Terrier
"A speedy, active and intelligent little dog" with "deep set almond-shaped eyes"

Rudy Giuliani = French bulldog "Stubborn and manipulative"

Fred Thompson = English bulldog "Devoted and often clown-like"

Duncan Hunter = Schnauzer
"Prone to behavioral problems"

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