Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things around the house #12

The other day I was walking with my camera in my hand and my eye caught some of the items I have hanging around the house.. so here a peek into my home. The things I have hanging and standing around.

I realize I have not yet made new pictures of this house, should do soon... you never know when we need to move again ;-)

African Pop Art made by some kids with disabilities in a home in Pretoria, I love the colors, so vibrant!

African tribal jewelry from shells & bones. Quite heavy to hang around your neck!

dried Protea ~ the national flower of South Africa. When they are fresh they have this soft pink color, but dried they actually are very special as well.. so I always keep them for a while. This flower is like a work of art ~ beautiful!!

When you live in all these different countries like us you do gather and collect things from all over the world... these are some African inspired items. But I have items from Asia, Europe and the USA in my house as well... it is an eclectic mix.

What is your designing style? Do you collect things from all over the world? Is your house eclectic, modern, country, antique?
Tell me about it!

Mireille xx

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