Thursday, January 26, 2012

Job Day at AISJ #26

Yesterday the girls had Job Day at school.

So they had to dress up as a professional.

Juliet decided she wanted to be a Chef. My friend Candice had a chef's hat and glove for me from the Ratatouille movie, and I had a white apron, so her outfit was easy.

Jasmine wanted to be a professional Ballerina. When she saw that I made a black tutu for her the day before she decided she wanted to be just like the Black Swan, with make up, wings and the whole shebang. Well... she could do the black outfit, wings, but NOT the make up I told her... too much work at 6am!!

See here some pictures of the girls acting out in their profession :-)

So much fun these projects they do at school! I wonder how the rest was dressed up?? Maybe the teacher can send me a picture and I add it to the blog later.

BTW: if you like to make a tutu skirt yourself, it is a real easy project. Here is a tutorial for your own DIY no sewing tutu skirt.

Cut out strips of tule (height 80cm/ 30 inch and width 8cm / 3 inch) and measure an elastic band for the waist of your child. Don't make it too tight, since it will be tighter when the strips of tule are folded around it. Then just tie the strips around the elastic band by folding it double and looping it around the elastic band. No sewing needed, project done in about 45 minutes. You need about 50-75 strips. Depends how wide the waistband is... slide them close to each other, so you don't see the elastic band anymore.

Have a terrific Thursday y'all!
Mireille xx


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I have made so many no sew tutu's they are great for gifts. They look so cute. That school just seems so neat they always seem to have great things going on.

dawn said...

I read this just a day to late. I just ordered tutu's online!

You are so creative!

Kate said...

So fun...and so cute! I just love those dance-y, cooking girls!!!


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