Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A different view #18

In July 2008 we moved to South Africa. So January 2008 was our last snowy winter. I was looking back at my folder of 2008 and came upon this picture. Taken from my covered patio looking into the garden and this is what I saw.....

A view on water... a small lake called Fox Hill Lake in Ridgefield, CT. It was a magnificent cedar wooden house, just a gorgeous setting. You walked right into the water from our garden. We had snapping turtles and big fish in that water and we always told the girls to NOT put their feet in the water. They never did, but some of their friends tried... luckily the snapping turtles were never close by! This picture was taken in January 2008, in the middle of the winter.

This is the view looking into our garden from the covered patio now here in South Africa.

Again a view on water... just a different kind of water, a pool. And it is summer in the middle of January 2012. Also a beautiful home and the view is not bad, but not as spacious and wide open as the other view. Nonetheless a nice view. No snapping turtles, but hadedas ibis, weaver birds and an accidentally snake that crowd our garden now. The girls dip their feet in the water on many occasions :-)

How is your view from the house? Do you have a good one?
Ciao, Mireille xx


Isis Natel said...

Yeah Mireille, I had a great upgrade in my view from the house from jan/2008 and jan/2012: By than we could see the windows of another apartment (what I think is just horrible, not only to see but to be seen). Now I can see the Corcovado montain and the Christ Redemer statue (symbol of Rio de Janeiro). Not bad, he?
Yours... I could say, it´s just different, not worse, or better, just enjoying life in a different way!
Keep changing, keep enjoying!

Mireille said...

Your view dramatically changed, good for you!!


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