Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sushi for the kids #8

It is still Xmas break and the sun is hot, so the kids are in the pool all day and that gives them a big appetite, so I made some sushi for them.

But only with ingredients they like!!

So I call it Sushi for Kids.

The ingredients are:

* sushi rice
* nori wrappers
* egg omelette
* cucumber
* carrots, a bit softened in a bit of oil/water to make it not so crunchy
* tuna with mayo
* spam from a can, cut in strips and browned a bit in oil
* salmon

Then I just made a few combinations with these ingredients and the kids LOVED them!!

Although 2 of them were not so sure, so an hour later I made them something else...

Oh well, the maid and gardener ate all the left-over sushi and they were so HAPPY!!

Enjoy your day,
M xx

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