Monday, January 30, 2012

Neighbourgoods Market #30

Two weekends in a row I went to the Neighbourgoods Market here in Braamfontein, downtown Johannesburg. It is just amazing!!

Local farmers or little shops with specialty artisan goods are showcasing and selling their yummy foods and drinks. You think about fresh made fruit juices, to home made cupcakes, to spreads, chutneys, organic meat products, home made beers, raw food, Thai food, pancakes & pastries of all kinds, huge pans of paella made in front of you. Balkan Burgers, delicious pizza's, champagne with oysters, instantly made margaritas.... all this in one market!

So first you walk around, get your mouth watering by seeing all these yummy foods and drinks, then pick one and order, and go upstairs to enjoy!

People are sitting on long tables, or standing on the side with a neat little side table, enjoy your order and hang out with the local hip crowd!!

They even have a kiddo section to keep the toddlers busy with coloring and playing. You have to keep an eye on them yourselves though.

Such a fun way to spend your Saturday... because it is only open 1 day a week!!

Go and see for yourself, so fun, so hip, so cool, so yummilicious!!

I can't wait for another Saturday :-)
Mireille xx


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

wow that looks fancy, not your normal farmer's market but a place to eat yummy market.

Robin and Kyle said...

I am insanely jealous. If our local farmer's market had beer, chocolate, a dessert with whipped cream and strawberries, and Thai food, I would never EVER miss a Saturday!


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