Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A photo a day ~ 3

We bought a new bird feeder for the garden and it attracts so many weaver birds! This male is even building his nest next to the feeder.... I am not sure if this is a smart move, because so many birds fly in and out to get some seeds, the babies in this nest could never have a quite moment!

The nests are really intricate but the females are very picky and decide after the male has build it if she accepts it or not...

By the way... how are your new year's resolutions for the New Year coming along??? Are you still going strong, or haven't started yet... or gave up already??

I am in between...

Love, M xx


domesticwormhole said...

this is such an awesome shot! my rss feed of blog posts to read is burying me alive so i probably just haven't gotten there yet, but are you doing a 365 photo project? very ambitious! i look forward to seeing your photos.


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

what a cool shot, no wonder they are called weavers, that is some serious nest building, I like that the female comes and checks it out, she doens't want to mate with a slacker.

Mireille said...

Yes doing a 365 photo project, I hope I can achieve it Robin! I love the attitude of the female too Leah, so cool that he really needs to perform before he can mate!


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