Saturday, January 14, 2012

Support from mum to mum #14

See here some impressions what other mothers have to do to give their children a reasonable life...
These are Masai women from Kenya.

"No matter where we live, no matter how our circumstances are the love for our children crosses the universe.

I have a deep respect and admiration for your dedication to make your children’s lives better and the care you give.

Greetings from a mother of twin girls age 9 living in South Africa."

This is my message to the courageous women of the Masai tribe.

Michelle, creator Molly Moo, is traveling to Northern Kenya this March and is taking messages of support from mums all over the world to the Masai women. So simple, yet I know it will mean a lot to these remarkable women. Will you take part?

Enjoy your day,
Mireille xx

1 comment:

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

too true we love and take care of our kids within our culture but our feelings are the same.
I love their bright colors, its looks so beautiful against their skin tone.


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