Friday, January 6, 2012

a photo a day ~ 6 (Praying Mantis)

Dirk and me saw a praying mantis in the garden, but we thought it was a 'wandelende tak'/ stick insect at first but then we called the girls and they told us: NO, this is a praying mantis!!

And they were so right!!

These girls are so much smarter than us in the animal world.....

I asked them to pick it up, so I could take a close up photo, but they didn't want to do that since these animals can bite. I didn't believe them, so I googled it and YEP they were right AGAIN! Although it only bites like an ant bite, so doesn't really hurt that much but Jasmine and Juliet were not in the mood even for an ant bite... so I just took a picture in the grass....

Oh well, I can't make them do anything these days anymore :-(

Are your children such good listeners and do whatever you ask them to do??

Ciao, M xx


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I have NEver Never Never heard of a praying mantis biting, they are the coolest bugs. Of course they could bite, you know they have to eat all the stinking grasshoppers we have around here. I love them them we are so excited when we find one and carry it right into our yard. Last year I took a picture of Maya with 20+ on her since we found big ones and babies.

Mireille said...

In your neck of the woods I am sure you have many... but here you don't see them too often. I didn't believe it either that they bite, but only when they feel threatened .

Maci Miller said...

Ha! I am laughing at this post cause you couldn't PAY me to touch one of those creepy bugs!!!


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