Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hip Hop classes at school #25

At AISJ, the International American school the girls attend started with Hip Hop classes as an afternoon activity.

So I decided to sign the girls up... they did not really agree with me. But these girls are super lazy sometimes and don't want to do anything after school. They rather come home and read their books.... the only thing they want to do is reading.

So as a good mother I want them to be all-round and let them try different things in life. After trying and they still don't like it... OK then they can finish the classes and not sign up again for a next semester. But once signed up... they have to finish! That is the deal!!

So very reluctant they went to the first class last Friday... and I was a bit anxious to see how they liked it or not.

When I saw their big smiles on their faces when they came back home... I knew I did the right thing!

'Mom, Hip Hop class is AWESOME!! and the music is totally COOL!!' what they told me!!

Me happy.... the girls happy!! Sometimes life can be so good :-)

They wanted to show me what they learned in this first class, some pics below. And also they told me what the best thing is to wear on Fridays from now on....

Some moves the girls learned after just one class.

'And this is how you end' ...they told me :-)

NO skirts, (Jasmine was wearing one) but short pants with a legging (this was JJ's outfit and perfect) or long pants, because you swirl on the floor and if you have a skirt or short pants it will hurt your skin. "And if you jump too high everybody can see what is under your skirt Mom"... even though she was wearing a legging underneath.

OK ~ no problem, we can do that :-)

So Fridays is Hip Hop Day for the girls from now on!! I am glad that they do something besides the Pilates class on Wednesdays, because these girls turn into a recluse if I let them. They simply have enough company between the two of them, they really don't need much interaction with other people.... but this mommy will not let that happen!!

How are your kids? Social butterflies or rather a bit a loner??

Enjoy your day,

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Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I would love to do a hip hop class, sounds fun glad they like it. Maya a loner? never. Loves to do it all so far.


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