Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's weekend in the Bush

You probably figured out that I have been away for a while or my internet service hasn't been working...

Well, we went away for the Valentine's weekend to KweKwe Farm in Limpopo. It was just magical!

The moment we arrived back home from the weekend I had to leave to do my biometrics for my green card in NYC, well the weather was completely opposite in both locations. While in Limpopo it was a sweltering heat with temperatures reaching 99F/37C it was freezing cold (32F/0C) in NYC and we even had another snowstorm while I was in Connecticut! For this trip I was gone from Sunday to Friday, so gone for quite a long time again. But let me tell you more about the fun Valentine's weekend.

Kwe Kwe is a 265 ha private game farm, set at the foot of a hill. It is ideal for walking, mountain biking, game viewing and birding, family and friendship groups. And since they don't have any predators at the game reserve, you can walk freely among giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, kudu, impala and waterbucks. That to me was the most special about this particular game reserve!!

Kwe Kwe has four self-catering lodges, that accommodates up to 8 people. We went with 5 adults and 6 children and just had a blast! Each house has its own swimming pool, game room and you can use bikes and pedal go-karts and just pedal away while the giraffes and other animals roam freely on the same path as you are!!

We had a very relaxing weekend, reading our books while the kids were swimming, playing on the hammock or pedaling away to find the giraffes, ostriches and other animals we had spotted on our path before.

This is Hornbill, our vacation home for the weekend. It has 4 bed/4 bath, a huge kitchen, swimming pool, game room and a big yard to play in.

The inside of the house, spacious enough to seat all 11 of us!

The kids went out with the go-pedal bike, a tough exercise, but very fun!

On the way the giraffes were on the same path as the kids were pedaling away, we spotted them in our car.

Biking in this heat makes you hot and red in the face, so the kids had to take a dip in the pool. From left to right: Juliet, Jasmine, Zahra, Colm, Sanaja, Maeve and Desmond.

The kids PLAYING with the hammock.

While the guys, Desmond, Scott and Dirk are relaxing in the shade and having a drink. There is not much more you can do in this heat!

Getting the braai (BBQ) ready for a dinner, in the back you see the game room with ping pong, pool table and darts. So fun!

And the last morning we had a delicious Valentine's breakfast with the whole group. Pancakes, fruit and yoghurt made by Kashmira! Yummy!!

I already planned my next trip to KweKwe. We will be having JJ and Jezz's Bday party here. A sleep-over in the Bush with a walking safari with a ranger. I can't wait to organise this, will be so exciting and fun. April 27th is their Bday, so it is coming up soon!!

This is the house we will be going to next, Warthog. As you can see it has an open terrace on the second floor on the right. We can transform that room to a big bedroom and all the kids can sleep there. Out in the open air, but still under a roof.

And this is the view from the terrace, isn't it amazing?! All the wild animals will roam freely under their bedroom, how exciting is that for a 8th Bday party?!

So KweKwe we will be back in April! It was a great Valentine's weekend, and we want to come back more often!!

Have a good week y'all! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend as well, tell me about it!


plantagenet said...

wonderful pics M. thanks for sharing!!!! glad you are back in your blog, missed you

Heather said...

could that have been any more amazing? wow, i am blown away by those photos, what a fabulous time it must have been

rosemary said...

I am green with envy! What a perfect vacation weekend. Giraffes are my favorite animal and I would love to do a walking safari among them. Plus you got to see Zebras!! What lovely times you have!

Wendy said...

Can't wait to do this someday soon! Glad to see you back. I'm sure you don't miss good old snowy Connecticut. We're getting another storm tonight that's sort of supposed to last all week in one form or another (snow, sleet, freezing rain, slush...)

Yoli said...



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