Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time for change! Yes, we can!

Barack Obama is the new president of the USA!! Congratulations, I am happy for the change this will bring to the country!

I see already more pictures, t-shirts, photoshopped images and websites with facts from Obama on the net than I've seen from any other president so far. He is very charismatic and photogenic, his family looks adorable, so from that point of view he is easy to market, especially in this pop-culture world.

Of course that is not the reason why he won this election, but it sure helps! I stand behind his ideas for the future. He is a very good public speaker and he gives hope to a lot of people from all walks of life. I believe this is the best choice for America and the moment is just right. People are ready for something else, we will see how this will enfold. But my hopes are up!

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA, and the first African-American in the White House. This was a very emotional election. America is celebrating with tears and cheers. And I feel sorry that his grandma just couldn't be there for this moment, but I am sure her spirit was there!

As there are many sites who collect facts, myths, photos and other trivia about Obama, he of course has his own website as well. So if you like to know more about the new President of the USA, click here. And he even has his own blog! I didn't realize he has time for that ;-)

He even has his own coin, exact change, how funny!

Well, the elections are over. Back to normal life for me and my blog. Tomorrow we'll talk about the serious business of the Dijkstra family again ;-)

Have a good day,

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Jen and Jeff said...

You are so right! I voted for Obama and think he and his family are great. Exactly what we need right now. Good post!


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