Monday, November 10, 2008

Nappy hair in the White House? ~ Yes, we can!!

We've come so far to except an African-American to become the president of the USA. Now we have to come a step further I find and accept that black people have beautiful hair; nappy hair. Why do young girls like Sasha and Malia have to straighten their hair at such a young age??

Look at these pictures, these girls are so beautiful in their natural state, they don't need to sit hours in a salon to look beautiful? They already ARE!!
Sasha Obama, look how cute this girl looks with her natural hair?
And here Malia, she is just so beautiful!
They should give an example to the rest of the world that it is OK to have nappy hair, expect the hair you've got and wear it proudly!

Of course it is easy for me to say, since I don't have nappy hair. But hey, I have to except the hair I have as well. I am not always happy with the fine and sleek hair, but that is who I am and I better get used to it. (Which I am especially by now...)

I hope that Malia and Sasha will go through their days mostly just wearing their hair naturally. I mean I can understand that if there is a big happening that they want to look a bit more special, but their momma should also tell them they are beautiful no matter what their hair looks like!

Maybe it is because I live in South Africa, and I grew accustomed to the nappy hair. But most people here are so creative with their hair and some have the most beautiful patterns in their hairs. It looks just gorgeous! But how do you feel about nappy hair in the White House? Give me your opinion!

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Emm said...

I think it is beautiful and I agree with you - I think they should go natural.

rosemary said...

I think the Obama girl's hair is beautiful no matter how they wear it! I remember I used to love to "get my hair done" when I was a kid even though it took hours for my grandmother to put it up in rag-rollers. I thought it was fun. Besides, for an African American, it takes just as long to have those beautiful braid designs put in as it does to have a relaxer sit on. I just truly feel the choice is theirs.

Great pics in this post!

Mireille said...

I agree with both of you! They should do what they want to do with their hair. I only hope that they don't feel the pressure from the outside world to change it.

Emm said...

Oh - that's a great point Rosemary.

Free Spirit said...


I am formerly from Durban and now live in US. I think it is wonderful that change has come. We all need it. This is just the begining to lots of change here. Everybody should be given the same opportunity nappy hair or not ? Drop me a line sometime. Love the link to home again through your eyes.


amber-lyte said...

I love the Obamas! They are such a beautiful group of people and I am from SC and only 13 but hey, I have sense too! They are such a beautiful group of people, it seems like their smiles bring other people happiness and joy when they are around. I just love everything about them! I hope Obama continues to lead this nation back to it's greatness and I know he will. I really hope to meet him someday!

amber-lyte said...

I agree with all of you! People should just except how god made them because if god wanted you to striaght hair he would have made you that way, right?! It's just our culture, yes even I have nappy hair but that doesn't mean I should forget who I am. I love my hair just the way it is, but yes I amit I'm getting my hair done saturday but that's just a enhancement! lol!!! Yes, those girls are beautiful just the way they are and I think they don't need to change one bit!

Naturally Haute said...

These girls are very cute, but as a fellow African American, it's not considered NAPPY hair... The proper term is KINKY... Nappy has a negative conotation, is not liked amongst women with kinky hair. I don't say this to be mean because I respect your willingness and ability to see outside of the box, but I just wanted to give another view... :-D


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