Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new Presidential family?

Who will be living in the White House soon?

Will it be Barack and Michelle with their young daughters Malia Ann (1998) and Natasha (2001)? Should Barack Obama be elected president, they would be the youngest residents of the White House since Amy Carter in 1980.

Barack's grandmother passed away just 1 day before the elections, our thoughts go out to the family!

Or will it be the McCain family? With John and Cindy, who have 3 biological children: Meghan, John Sidney IV, and James. And an adopted daughter Bridget, who was born in Bangladesh.

John and his first wife Carol have one biological daughter, Sydney. John also adopted his first wife's two sons, Doug and Andy, who were born before John and Carol married.

Today is a very historic and exciting day and we will be following the elections tonight (for us we have to wake up at 3am to follow the elections) but it will be worth it!

Make sure you vote if you are a registred US citizen!! Each vote counts and it is important to let your vote count as well!!


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