Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back from Sheffield Beach

We're just back from 4 days on the beach. We celebrated Thanksgiving this year on Sheffield beach, north of Durban on the Indian Ocean. We stayed at villa Cascada and it was just beautiful, magnificent views and a small private beach all to ourselves for the first days and then we only shared it with 2-4 other families. It was so relaxing, rolling waves, beautiful blue and clear water, and the girls just played played and played in the water, finding little crabs, getting excited about catching fish with their bare hands....giggling about the waves that pushed them into the much fun. I can't even tell you how much fun they had! Let's see some pictures and you can see for yourselves.....(click on any of the images so see them larger)
Our house on the beach, and its view.

We had the beach to ourselves, with little coves and small pools to find all kind of little sea animals. Great for the girls!

Here they are doing a game, getting knocked over by the waves, holding each other tight.

I took some pictures from the back and from the front, so much giggling and having fun!

Jasmine and Juliet (green bathing suit) were all day from 8 in the morning till 4-5 pm in the water, enjoying numerous of games. While me and Dirk set on the beach reading books and magazines, going splashing with the girls in the water to cool off. The water was not cold at all, really beautiful and refreshing. We saw many many dolphins swimming is not called dolphin beach for nothing!

A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and we are so grateful to have such a close knit family and such a gorgeous and healthy children!

I hope you had a great weekend as well ;-)


rosemary said...

Oh I love the pic of them holding each other and looking out at the ocean!

Emm said...

That looks so idyllic! It makes me want to get back out in the sunshine and on the beach!! Oh well, at least the sun is shining today. It is actually an amazing day in London.

Free Spirit said...

you have captured somw treasured moments that you will cherish forever. I miss being there and miss the ocean and the ocean smell and breeze. Thanks for sharing !Just walked in the door. Late at night and exhausted from L.A Disneyland. We must chat more.

Jen and Jeff said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time! I love how incredibly happy the girls look. You can tell how close they are, too. Thanks for sharing!


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