Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mermaids from the Indian Ocean...

We didn't only relax at Sheffield beach we also did a photo shoot for our Xmas card this year. I had it planned out and made these dresses from tulle. I made these for our New Years bash coming up, which is themed in the colors purple, silver and gold. I made Jasmine a dress from gold and 2 colors of purple and Juliet I made the same dress in silver and 2 colors of purple. Meters of tulle is woven into these dresses. But they are easy to make. No sewing, except the elastic band and the fluffy boa at the top, but the tulle you just knot.

Since we are always early awake I planned to do 2 photo shoots in one day. The first in the morning at around 8:30 and the other one with the sunset at around 4:30, see the difference in lighting!

We took so many shots, but it was so hard on the girls, they had to squint there eyes since they were looking directly into the sun. I had to have the lighting in my back, there is no way around it, but the girls had such a hard time. The sun is extreme here!! I want to use one of these photos for my Xmas card but can't decide which one is the best, can you help me pick one?? (Click on any of them to see a bigger size).

1. I like this one because of the nice background.

2. A bit too far? Maybe crop it a bit?

3. Too bad the feet are cut off...

4. Girls have a hard time looking into the sun.

5. Too much shade??

6. JJ doesn't look too happy!

7. Cute holding hands...

8. Distant too far??

9. Jezz can't keep her eyes open and JJ is not happy with the big waves in the back!

10. Both smiling...yeah!

11. Again smiling ;-)

12. Sunset session.

13. A bit too far?? not close-up enough.

14. Shadow in face, bothering or not??

15. Having fun sitting down.

16. Holding hands.

17. The end...how sweet those small little backs ;-)

So these are the 17 best of the 300 shots we took...yes about 300 shots! Very small amount turned out well, because the sun was bothering the girls SO much. Although the sessions both went fast, each maybe 20 minutes, but I just kept on shooting and shooting. The hard thing with 2 kids in one shot is that I have a lot of photo's that one of them is really looking great but then the other had her eyes closed or wasn't looking into the camera. You know how it goes....

So give me your opinion; which one you like the best. Brings out their personality or which one is the cutest smile, nicest background, best composition etc..

I like to hear from you!
Ciao, Mireille


Emm said...

I think you have been too hard on yourself because I like all of them but really, really like 1, 5, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16 & 17.

Favourite is probably 15.

rosemary said...

15 and 17 are my favorites but the girls are so cute that it's honestly hard to say.

Jen and Jeff said...

2 (yes, cropped) ,3, 5, 7 , 15 and 17...Gosh all of them! Those girls are just so darn gorgeous!! I love the last one...so totally sweet. But maybe not for the Christmas card. You'd want to see those pretty smiling faces! Love the outfits you made the girls, too! You are so talented!!

annet said...

Het zijn allemaal mooie foto's,dat kan ook niet met anders met zule plaatjes van meiden.Ik vind de eerste foto mooi,ontspannen gezichtjes,de meiden ten opzichte van de achtergrond ..........en nummer 12 vanwege het zachte licht.....have anice day

Mireille said...

Thanks all for your nice comments!
I find it still hard to choose, even after your help!! I let you know which one it will be!!

Shana said...

I love them all and am sure you've already chosen one!

The girls are just beautiful! And what a pretty setting!

Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Shana (waitingforsophie)


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