Sunday, March 2, 2008

spotlight on: Indie artists at ETSY

As you have read before I LOVE arts & crafts. So Etsy is the perfect platform for (individual) indie artists. Here everybody who makes something can sell their crafts. This is the coolest website for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts and in the meanwhile you support the artist her/him self. So the concept is just great and fabulous!!

I would like to put the spotlight on the artists I bought something from, so here a list from the pictures of my collage. These are all items I bought from this month to last year.
Star of the east; Sea urchin ring. Just plain beautiful!
Gigi Gems; Peachy keen bracelet. Georgous!
Blue Ruby; ~Forget me not~ Mixed media ACEO collage. So well done!
Tumble Weed and Rose; Ladies at the marketplace, paper collage. So sweet and artsy!
Garden Painter4; ~pASSing Time~ Mixed media ACEO collage. The donkey feels at home here ;-)
Pea Soup; A true beauty pin. So cute, get a lot of reactions on this while wearing!
Enamor; Forest Friends handbag. Beautifully painted!
Aorta; Vintage photo pin, tiny football player. Great with my other crafts!
Photo Glass Works; Mother & child -Gustav Klimt- hanger. So delicate!
Nikki74992; Japanese Garden magnets. Adorable on my fridge!

PS: I don't know how to add the link directly to them, so you have to go to Etsy first and put their name in the search link.

All these artists are unique, great at their craft and I hope they are doing well and keep people happy with the art that they make and sell at Etsy. Go and check it out, I am sure you will find something that suits your taste. And these are artists who live around the world, and ship around the world! Isn't that the greatest?!

You can even search from different perspecitves, like color, categories, geolocator or time machine to name a few. You will fall in love with this website, go google it!
Have a great weekend, y'all!


Garden Painter Art said...

It's so nice of you to spotlight my "pASSing Time" collage. Gosh, you bought that piece quite a while back.

Again, thanks so much:
Garden Painter Art

StaroftheEast said...

Thank you so much for putting our ring in the spotlights :D


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