Sunday, July 17, 2011

More fun in Bethany Beach

I have a hard time uploading pics to the blog, so I am behind a bit, still trying to blog about Bethany Beach, while I am already a week in Pine Knoll shores of the Outer Banks.

But hopefully I can catch up before leaving to NYC on Sunday!

Our 2 weeks here in Bethany Beach were wonderful. We met a few of my friends here and they spent some time with us, which was a welcome surprise and so fun! Thanks to my house swapping friends Lloyd and Andrea who allowed us to do that. We are grateful for that!!

The area is famous for the all you can eat crab dinners, the wonderful board walks and super beaches, so we fully enjoyed all this while we could!

We also went to Splash Mountain a water park where they have the big slides and all the water fun you can imagine. All the kids had so much fun!!

Dirk came the last 2 days of our stay in Bethany Beach and we enjoyed an evening at the boardwalk and the rides with daddy, and a huge all you can eat crab feast! The girls had so much fun showing Dirk what we all did and they made sure daddy had the same fun, so we went in one of the rides (the gravitron) with the girls and came out both very nauseous!!

When we went again for the crab feast JJ first wanted a dozen clams and a dozen mussels before she started feasting on the crabs, this girl can eat seafood!!

Goodbye to our house swapping host Lloyd. Thank You for the wonderful time we had in your beautiful home!!

Bethany Beach was a fun time, we truly enjoyed our time here!!
Up to the next destination!

The Outer Banks...

More of that later..
Mireille xx

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Teri D. said...

you're torturing me with those seafood pictures!! what a feast!
mermaid sand sculpture is fantastic!!!


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