Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th July!!

A bit late this post, but anyway; Happy 4th July everyone!!

Hope you all had a good one!!

We celebrated not only 4th July but also my friend Valerie's Birthday, so double the fun!!

We had a day at the beach, watched a bit of the parade in town and in the evening we had a FAB all you can eat Maryland style Crabs!! Oh how I missed that!! It was so so good!!

We also did a photo shoot as a remembrance to our good times together and for Val's Bday! Here some fun shots.

Happy Birthday Valerie!! Great to see you guys again!! So much fun!!

This year we celebrated in Bethany Beach, here the totum pole which marks the start of Bethany Beach. A fun day, however no fireworks due to the rain :-( And the day after we missed it too....

At night we had all you can eat Crab Feast at the Blue Crab, so YUMMY!!

Another grand day here in the USA!!

What did you do at 4th July??
Mireille xx

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Maci Miller said...

Love the impromptu 4th of July shoot! So fun!


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