Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home with a heart...


It's about time, but when I was on vacation (in total for 7,5 weeks) and in so many different places and most of the times I just couldn't upload pictures to my blog, so I decided to come back to blogging at home here in South Africa.

Well, I am back now!

Immediately I moved into the new house, in fact, the movers had moved us while we were on vacation!! Can you believe that? We left the 'old' house fully furnished and I came back into the new house, fully furnished again... just 400 boxes that were left for me to unpack, which I have been doing the last 2 weeks.

So here a picture of our new home, with a little heart on the door... hopefully it becomes a home soon, because it still feels odd a bit...

It is winter here, so everything is a bit bare and yellow, but soon all green will come back.

The house is standing in a cul-de-sac, so a quite street in a different secured estate as we were before, called Dainfern. Especially the location of the house is what we are thrilled about. There are so many more friends here around this area for the girls to play with. And pretty close we have a pavilion with a heated pool, tennis courts, soccer field and skate board rink... and a tuck shop. So the kids are happy!

The house is totally different than our previous home, and as soon as everything is decorated I will post some pictures. For now you have to do with just the front.

I will be back blogging and finishing my vacation stories and pics first before I come back to our lives here in SA.

Hopefully I didn't loose to many readers over the last month and you will be loyal to me and come back as well!!

Enjoy the end of the season, for us winter and for most of you summer :-)
I am glad to be back in my own bed, with my own things around me, and the kids back in school!!

Life can resume normal again. I mean vacation is nice, but this was such a long trip and we went to so many different places that it wasn't worth to unpack my suitcase in most places, but that gets old real fast.... living out of your suitcase!!

Hope you had a great break as well, where did YOU go??
Love, Mireille


Emm said...

Mireille! Welcome back to you and the girls. You know your readers will always be around and wouldn't forsake you just for going on holiday. Can't wait to hear about your adventures on a bit more detail. (was following your travels on Facebook). Also hope you're still around December 2012 so we can visit you again!

plantagenet said...

Hi Mireille, that is a beautiful house indeed! Glad all went well with the movers and now its probably the thing to FIND something in a new corner???? Hope the house will becomes yours inside too and you can enjoy the new environment like the girls.

Leah and Maya said...

I was just thinking today, what happened to Mireille! and here you are. Gla dyou are back, will catch up after you get your life back in order.

Wendy said...

WELCOME HOME! The new place looks wonderful! Can't wait to see pictures of the inside when you add your personal touch to it!

Wyndee said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic vacation. Your home looks beautiful, and it will feel like home soon enough.

Maci Miller said...

Love it, Mireille! And love that you are back posting! We've missed you in blog land! :-)

Laurence said...

I can't wait to see this new house ;-). In the meantime, see you tomorrow morning for a great Singapoorian lunch (not sure this is the right way to write this!!!). xxx

DASI GLAM said...

That's a lovely house. Can't wait to see the inside once it's decorated.

Anonymous said...

Yea - you're back! Looking forward to reading more posts.


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