Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Hanging with friends'

The BEST part of going back to the United States is that we get 'to hang with' friends! I just LOVE seeing all our old buddies but also making some new friends along the way... isn't that just the greatest??!!

YES it IS!!

So I met up with my good old DUTCH buddies Marion, Suzy and Gonneke and we went out for dinner. Just talking Dutch was the best... we could share secrets outside on the patio and nobody around us could understand us... and we had some saucy talks.. and laughed and laughed and the people around us were looking at us, but didn't have a clue what we were talking about!


Isn't that what vacation is all about??!! Having fun!!

Suzy, me, Gonneke & Marion. My good old Dutch buddies! All traveled around the world and ended up in Ridgefield!

Then another surprise invitation, which was so fun! Bob and Val where we were staying have some friends in their street who moved to Ridgefield just about the time when we left Ridgefield and since then they are hanging out with each other.

Well, the week we were there the Welby family invited us all for an impromptu dinner. These moments I cherish, because most of the times these kind of spontaneous invites are the BEST!!

And this one was GREAT!!

We had a wonderful evening with Allan and his wife Sandra, 2 of their kids Adam & Adriana who baby sits the Liu girls all the time and tonight kept all the girls busy with bead work and other crafts while the adults hung out and had a FAB dinner!!


Look at these sweet faces, aren't they the cutest!!

What a few great evenings we had in Ridgefield, but our time is over there and we are now in Bethany Beach, Delaware.
More to come!

Isn't summer just the best?
Love, M xx

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