Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photo shoot in Philly

When I realized that by coming to Bethany Beach for the summer and I was so close to Philladelphia I knew I wanted to make an appointment with my blogging friend Kate and fellow adoptive mom from Max & Mimi photography.

So I went to Philly for the day and Kate took some gorgeous pictures of the girls, she had it planned out completely. The dresses, the hats, the locations, it was all planned accordingly to her ideas. And the outcome is gorgeous!! Soon I will get the CD with the originals, but these below I just took myself with my own camera in between her shots, so these are nothing compared to hers, but I just give you an idea what the end result will be.

Aren't these hats just FABULOUS? What a great prop!!

This picture reminds me of my wedding announcement in '96, Dirk and me stood around a tree like this... great memory!

Lia, Kate's beautiful and cute daughter was also in a few shots and we loved hanging out with her. She is such a sweet girl!
The girls hit it off immediately, so fun to see them together!!

Thank You Kate and Jim for the wonderful day we had together!!
A great memory, and from blogging friends we became REAL friends :-)

And if you are in the neighborhood of Phiily, book a shoot with Kate, you won't regret it!! You will have the most fabulous images to keep for life!! I am glad I did it!! You can find her here on her website or on Facebook under Max & Mimi Photography.

How is your summer so far??
Love, M xx


Leah and Maya said...

can't wait to see more photo's!

Maci Miller said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see all the rest! Was awesome hanging with you this week!

Annie said...

Hi Mireille! I'm sorry I haven't "stopped in" in awhile, I have been soooo busy! I miss you all and your blog. I see you are in the states right now and I have enjoyed going back through your pics and your trip to Holland as well. The girls are growing so beautifully!! Have fun!! Jacob and I should be traveling to China next month!!

Mireille said...

I can't wait myself to see more pictures :-)
I am so excited for you Annie!!!

Kate said...

I am almost done with your photos Mireille! Will get in the mail tomorrow or the next day! I loved meeting you and the girls and I hope you will be happy with the pictures!

Safe travels...and lots of fun to you!!


Teri D. said...

You guys are doing so much wonderful traveling!!


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