Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun at Compo Beach

It was the last week of school, so the Liu girls stayed home for a day and we went to the lovely beach at Compo in Westport. It was not vacation yet, so not busy and we had a great day!

Here Emmy, Jasmine, Ella, Juliet and Mia as "Charlies Angels" posing with their water guns :-)

The view on the beach to the left and right, not that many people yet.

Time for a snack...

Apparantly it was mating time for the horse shoe crabs and there were so many of them in the shallow waters. The girls loved watching them.

Jasmine and Emmy found one nearby.

And a little boy found a dead one, it smelled like hell!! But he loved showing it to everybody :-)

Our first week in Ridgefield and we are having already so much fun!!
So great to see JJ & Jezz' best friends!!

More to follow :-)
M xx

1 comment:

Leah and Maya said...

looks like you guys are all having a fabulous time. The girls are so cute together!


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