Saturday, July 2, 2011

Concert in the Park & Birthday cake

Since I was just 1 week in Ridgefield and there are so many friends I wanted to see we decided to meet all on Tuesday evening at the concert in the park that is a weekly event in the summer.

So much fun to hang out with all my 'old' buddies!! It is so much fun to be in Ridgefield in the summer :-)

Everybody brings chairs, blankets, some food and drinks and meet here on Tuesdays.

While the moms & dads enjoy some drinks the kids are off to play at the playground.

My good friends Liz, Suzy, me and Val. And Emmy and Jasmine having fun with cake.

Me, Alex, Liz and Val.

Alex, Patsy, Liz and me again, having fun in the park.

Anna & JJ. Wow, after seeing all the kids after 2 years they have grown so big!

Mia & JJ.

Ella, Anna & JJ.

It was also Emmy & Ella's 9th Birthday that day, so back at home we celebrated with 2 different cakes and cupcakes!

Best buddies Emmy & Jasmine and a red velvet cake.

And also best buddies Ella & Juliet with double chocolate cake. Each had their favorite :-)

And big sister Mia with the twins, so good to see each other again. It was as if we had never left!!

What a fun day, seeing all my friends again! We clicked all immediately again and had such a good time!!
We definitely need to stay in touch!!

Friends are precious!!
Mireille xx

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