Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun at Bethany Beach

After a week in Ridgefield we headed to Delaware, where I did a house swap with a wonderful family who were in our house last year during the World Cup Soccer. The house is beautiful and very close to Bethany Beach, a great beach town with a board walk. So we will have some great days here!!

The first days we were here my friend Marion with her boys Max & Sam were here. And then another friend of me Jen with her daughter Ruby came as well, so we had 1 day together on the beach. We and the kids had a blast!!

The twins jumping the waves with Ruby.

Ruby 'riding the waves' like a real pro! So cute!!

Mom & daughter enjoying the water.

Bethany Beach.

My sweet girls having the time of their life!

Max and the girls, having fun!

The waves are much wilder here than what we are used to in Connecticut, so much fun!

Wow, a big one knocked them over!

Sam is loving it all!!

Run, another one is coming our way!

Jumping over them is so much fun!

What a great day!!

I had to be careful with my camera, the waves were so wild it would knock us over so fast, so I had to stay in the shallow waters while photographing the kids.

The beaches of Delaware are so amazing! Had no clue about them, another great town here in the neighborhood is Rehoboth Beach, very fun to hang out as well!! A bit more to do, a bigger boardwalk, but also more crowded. But gorgeous beach homes for rent!

We are having a good time here!
More to come...
Mireille xx

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