Friday, July 1, 2011

Graduation Galore...

We had 2 other friends who had their graduations this week.

Sisters Alexandria and Sarah Sabido did both their graduation. Alex for Middle school and Sarah for Elementary school. So we went to their party as well! So much fun to be there for the special occasion!

Alex got even a special recognition from the principal, so we were all so proud and crying when they called her name after this beautiful speech. Such a special moment to be there!!

The Sabido kids with JJ & Jezz. From L to R: Jasmine, Sarah, Juliet, Alexandria and cutie pie Liam.

Sarah with the twins, good friends! We always love to visit when in Ridgefield!

Proud parents Alex & Patsy with their beautiful daughters.

Then we bumped into Nicole, another friend of us, who also graduated.

Our week in Ridgefield was definitely all about graduating!!

Well done girls, now up to the next stage of your school years!
Love, Mireille xx

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