Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November: National Adoption Awareness Month

A topic close to my heart, below you can see how to raise awareness, in the hope that more families open their hearts and homes to adopt a wonderful child, who is looking for a family forever, out of Foster Care.

Below a list that I found HERE of things you can do for each day of November, just some ideas, and for sure I will do a few of these, I already have a few in mind! What about you?? Tell me about it!


1 ~ Read an adoption-specific book at home or at school.

2 ~ Celebrate your child's heritage through a new recipe, a cultural dance, or traditional fairytales.

3 ~ Ask your local libraries or bookstores to feature adoption-related books this month.

4 ~ Commit to sponsor a less fortunate child for an entire year.

5 ~ Encourage local schools to speak and teach about adoption.

6 ~ Blog about adoption awareness.

7 ~ Bake cookies for all the adoption professionals who helped you through the adoption process.

8 ~ Ask your employer to look into adding adoption benefits to your existing benefits.

9 ~ Have a get-together with members from all sides of the adoption triad.

10 ~ With your family, brainstorm and create a new family tradition.

11 ~ Make a family tree that includes both adoptive and birth children.

12 ~ Send thank-you cards to your local foster care office.

13 ~ Look into becoming a foster parent.

14 ~ Celebrate your family by beginning or catching up on your scrapbooking.

15 ~ Organize your own adoption event to have later in the month.

16 ~ Watch an adoption-related movie with your family.

17 ~ Email or call friends and family about upcoming adoption events.

18 ~ Mentor foster children close to "aging out" of the system.

19 ~ Volunteer at a local maternity home.

20 ~ National Adoption Day!
Support your local adoption community by attending a ceremony.

21 ~ Encourage your children to share their thoughts and feelings about adoption.

22 ~ Invite your local media to cover adoption events.

23 ~ Attend a local adoption support group.

24 ~ Begin a lifebook for yourself or your child.

25 ~ Thanks-giving! Spend this day enjoying your family.

26 ~ Keep positive thoughts for those currently with pending adoptions.

27 ~ Donate clothing, toys, and books to Family and Children's Services.

28 ~ Light a candle for your or your child's birth parents.

29 ~ Collect donations for waiting children and their families for the upcoming holiday season.

30 ~ Learn or teach about positive adoption language.

Isn't this a great list to follow? I hope that there will be more and more people opening their homes for a waiting child. As I said the years before when I did a posting about adoption, it changed my life/our lives for the better!! I can't think about my life without these 2 precious faces!!


I will blog more about what I have done or will do this month!


Wendy said...

Great list, Mireille. What website did you get it from?

Mireille said...

I got the list from adoption.com

Wendy said...

OH, btw, that picture of the girls is priceless. I love it!

Leah and Maya said...

Just catching up on your 2 posts from the desert! really amazing. What a wonderful adventure!

Gem said...

yep great list


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