Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cooking class by Johana

2 Weeks ago we had our first cooking class by Johana. She did 4 years of culinary school in France and about 15 years of experience working in hotels in France. So there is lots to learn! Every week if there are enough participants we will have new and different dishes. The concept is that Johana cooks and we learn and eat later, but we host it in different kitchens, this time we cooked in my kitchen.

We made a classical South African dish; Bobotie, which is a spiced minced meat dish baked with an egg-based topping, and Lemon Mousse for dessert.

Dunke, Tehmina, Hyun and me were the students and Johana the teacher. We had lots of fun and the dishes were yummy!

First we started with the lemon mousse since we have to cool that for several hours in the fridge.

Finally I could use my new gadget, the lemon peeler :-)

Beautiful lemon mousse, but my camera ran out of batteries by the time the Bobotie was ready...

From L to R: Tehmina, Johana, me, Hyun and Dunke.

Here we are all enjoying the bobotie and a glass of wine.

We will be having more of these classes I hope because I truly enjoyed Johana's knowledge on cooking!

Today I actually gave a Thai cooking class, but we forgot to take some pictures ;-(

How about you, are you doing or liking cooking classes and learning new techniques?? Tel me about it!



Missy said...

How FUN!!! You do the funnest things, girl! I love it :) The lemon mousse looked divine! What a great way to spend time with friends :)

emilene said...

Oh my word, that looks like SO much fun! What a great idea...

Maci Miller said...

You are such an inspiration. I just love this that you do cooking classes with your friends. What a fun way to learn new techniques! Looks yummy, too!

Annie said...

mmmm! What fun, Mireille!


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