Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Congratulations to my dear hubby!! He has caught up with me now...

We had breakfast at Design Quarter the 4 of us and then he opened some gifts at home...

And last night we had a huge party with 2 other friends Candice and Luciano who also celebrated their birthdays, the 3 couples arranged a huge party with a Drive in DJ with Karaoke and a Belly Dancer with fire and swords... It was fun fun fun!!

The Bday boys and girl, Luciano, Dirk and Candice with Tanya the Belly Dancer.

Our theme was Spanish tapas and the food looked yummy... We had cold cuts with Spanish ham, tuna and tomato crostinis, Gazpacho Andaluz, Albondigas con salsa, Tortilla Espanola, Crostini's with Serrano ham and of course SANGRIA!

Nice, Nice, nice!!

Here some pictures of the party that went on till 3 am.... Not that bad, but the girls had also a Bday party and sleep over and we had to pick them up at 9am, so being in bed by 3 and waking up by 8 was a bit difficult....

Here the guys enjoying the Belly dancer...

The girls are enjoying it as well...

Tehmina and Dirk swinging with Tanya. Tehmina and me arranged the Belly Dancer as a gift for all the Bday boys and girls.
I think they all enjoyed it!

And some of the girls who all enjoyed themselves, what a fantastic group!!

When it was time for the cake we actually had another Bday girl; Adriana who celebrated with us as well! Congrats to you as well Adriana!!

All in all a great and wonderful time spend with so many good and dear friends!!

Up to another fantastic year!



Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. It sure looks like everyone had a VERY good time! LOL!

plantagenet said...

Nice post, you have had a good time, so good and fun! Happy birthday to Dirk again from both of us!


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